International Conference Proceedings

International Conference Series No.10

"Interpretation of Law in the Age of Enlightenment"

Part Ⅰ Introduction

1 Judicial Interpretation in Transition from the Ancien Régime to Constitutionalism,(Michael STOLLEIS)

Part Ⅱ The Case of France

2 Legal Interpretation in France Under the Reign of Louis XVI:A Review of the Gazette des tribunaux,(Jean-Louis HALPÉRIN)

3  Legal Interpretation and the Use of Legal Literature in 18th Century Law Reports of the "Parlement" de Flandre,(Serge DAUCHY)

Part Ⅲ The Case of Germany

4  The Object of Interpretation: Legislation and Competing Normative Sources of Law in Europe During the 16th to 18th Centuries,(Heinz MOHNHAUPT)

5  The Concept and Means of Legal Interpretation in the 18th Century,(Jan SCHRÖDER)

6  "Needs"- Pandectists Between Norm and Reality,(Hans-Peter HAFERKAMP)

Part Ⅳ The Nature of Legal Interpretation

7  Interpretation by Another Name,(MORIGIWA Yasutomo)

8  What Is Interpretation of the Law for the French Judge?,(Michel TROPER)

9  The Craft of Legal Interpretation,(W.Bradley WENDEL)

Part Ⅴ  Concluding Remarks

10 Legal Interpretation in 18th Century Europe: Doctrinal Debates Versus Political Change,(Jean-Louis HALPÉRIN)



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