International Conference Proceedings

International Conference Series No.7

"Sixth Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL 6)"
    • Foreword
    • The Opening Address by Professor Shoichi Sato

    Acquisition Panel Session

    • Asymmetries in the First-Language Acquisition of Subject and Non-Subject Head-Final Relative
      Clauses in Turkish,(Gabriella HermonJaklin Kornfilt& Özge Öztürk)
    • The Onset of Complex NPs in Child Production,(Keiko Murasugi)
    • A Note on tbe Structure of Relative Clauses in Child Japanese,(Koji Sugisaki)

    Special Session: Aspects of Japanese Grammar and the Development of Linguistic Theories in Japan

    • The Properties of Ato : From Temporal Expression to Adverbial Expression,(Motoko Kawabata)
    • Predicates with a Genitive Subject Old Japanese: A Descriptive Study of Their Morphological and Semantic Characteristics,(Eunju Kim)
    • Japanese Traditional Language Study and Modernization of Japanese Linguistics,(Toru Kuginuki)

    General Session

    • Revisiting Beautiful Dancers and Complete Fools in Japanese,(Seiki Ayano)
    • Wh-Reduplication in Altai,(Elizaveta Bylinina)
    • Description and Explanation in Inflectional Morphophonology: Notes on the Japanese Verb,(Brent de Chene)
    • The Function of Accusative Case in Mongolian,(Dolgor Guntsetseg)
    • Relative Clauses Processing before the Head Noun: Evidence for Strong Forward Prediction in Turkish,( Bariş KahramanAtsushi Sato,Hajime Ono& Hiromu Sakai)
    • The Structures of Modality in Korean,(Shin-Sook Kim)
    • A Contrastivist View of the Evolution of the Korean Vowel System,(Seongyeon Ko)
    • Focus Particles and Suru-Support in Japanese,(Sachie Kotani)
    • Japanese Light Verb Voicing as a Connective Morpheme,(Kazutaka Kurisu)
    • The Nominative/Genitive Alternation in Modern Mongolian,(Hideki Maki,Lina Bao,Qing-Yu Wu,Wurigumula Bao,Asako Uchibori,Fumikazu Niinuma,&Kenichi Goto)
    • ATB-Movement and Resumption: The Case of Japanese Left Node Raising,(Chizuru Nakao
    • Possible Syntactic Subject Positions in Turkish: Evidence from Phonology,(Öner Özçelik& Miho Nagai)
    • Korean Affricates and Consonant-Tone Interaction,(Jeremy Perkins& Seunghun Julio Lee)
    • A Comparative Syntax of Ellipsis in Japanese and Korean,(Mamoru Saito& Duk-Ho An)
    • Coordination,Dependency,and Gapping in Japanee,(Yosuke Sato)
    • Argument Ellipsis in Japanese and Turkish,(Serkan Şener& Daiko Takahashi)
    • A Linking Morpheme Analysis of Japanese Compound Accentuation,(Junri Shimada)
    • Adverbial Clauses and Nominative/ Genitive Conversion in Japanese,(Hisako Takahashi)
    • Disjunction and Alternative Conditionals in Korean,(Jiwon Yun)

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