Global COE Program,Hermeneutic Study of Textual Configuration.

The present program, which inherits the achievements of the 21st Century COE Program conducted here at Nagoya University over the past five years, aims at forming an educational hub which will efficiently rear a younger generation of researchers by developing a core theory that will reveal the overall configuration containing an array of linguistic texts in it. The 21st Century COE Program, Studies for the Integrated Text Science, involving history, literature, thought, image, gesture, and so on, has been very successful in synthetically explaining different types of text existing in human societies from various points of view. Taking into consideration our main purpose of forming an educational hub, we will attempt to establish a teaching methodology that will deepen and renovate hermeneutic studies of linguistic texts and ‘interpretation’ as human intellectual activity. Thus the purpose of the present program is to bring up young researchers who have acquired as their research tool a method that enables them to observe textual phenomena from a totally novel perspective and capture their background contexts and overall configuration.

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