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Program Outline

Achievements of the 21st COE Program

The ultimate goal of our 21st Century COE Program, Studies for the Integrated Text Science [], was to capture all expression activities by humans and their interpretations with the concept of text and construct a universal grammar of human communications that applies throughout all types of text that have different modalities. Our study over the past five years led us to a common hypothetical cognition that any types of text generated by humans, regardless of modalities such as language, image or gesture, are overtly or covertly located within a certain configurational relationship precisely as in the solar system in which planets as texts surround the sun. Therefore, with respect to its goal, this new application lies on the theoretical extension of the lines drawn in the previously adopted program. It is based on the continuous accumulation of our academic achievements that were obtained over the past five years.

Program introduction / Cooperation with overseas education institutes
Cooperation with overseas education institutes

Those who will be brought up by the present program are young researchers who can send out their achievements abroad in an internationally interpretable language. The 21st Century COE Program produced excellent results by means of collaborations and exchanges with many overseas universities and research institutes. We will build upon these achievements. We have close relations with overseas institutes such as The Province University Humanities Center (France), French National Scientific Research Organization, Saussure Institute, Institute for Modern Times Text Draft, History of French National Text Institute, etc., and thus we have established academic and personnel relationships with them on a basis of equality through international conferences held in Nagoya and their country. To all of these we will add educational exchanges. Those students who are educated by our program will accumulate international academic experiences by holding symposia or conferences, encouraging them to read papers at various events planned at present, and constantly assessing their academic performances. Over time we will construct an educational system that appropriately helps them to complete their doctoral dissertations within a given temporal limitation by giving sufficient advice and extending a helping hand.

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